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Wherever you are on your journey, we listen to where you want to go and invest in the areas to help you get there. We take time to understand your career goals and work with you to outline a way to get you there. When you’re meeting your career goals, we’re meeting ours.


Culture is more than a beautiful workspace or mission statement. It’s something that is embedded, nurtured and protected. As a team we’ve created core values and beliefs that promote trust and respect among us. Ecco is a place where everyone empowers each other to reach their goals. Alone you can do so little, but together we can do so much.


We continuously work with our team to find solutions that benefit everyone. By embracing flexibility, we enable trust and a better working environment for our team. When you find balance, we find consistency.


Education provides stability, development and personal growth. We have an advanced team of senior educators, offer monthly education classes, bring in industry leading influencers into the salon, and encourage our team to attend national events. We are committed to your personal and professional growth. When you grow, we grow.


Leadership isn’t about authority, it’s about inspiring others to reach new heights. At Ecco Salon, we have a dedicated group of leaders who are committed to your success. When you think big, we aim high.

You can’t afford to miss out!


New Talent: $40,000+      Experienced: $55,00+      Master: $75,000+


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