Sometimes when you don’t write down your question you tend forget to ask it. Below, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that our stylists receive to help you get the answers to your questions.



What do the different levels of stylists mean?

Our different levels and pricing are based off of many factors that include: how many years of experience, level of education and longevity with Aveda.  Our guest care team can help you determine who will fit your needs best.

What if my stylist is running behind?

Please forgive us for keeping you waiting, but it does happen.  We know your time is important and we’ll make every effort to get a hold of you if this problem should occur.

Is education important to our stylists?

Yes! We strive to stay up with the current trends and fashions, this way we can pass it off to our guests to give them a fresh updated look. Our stylists attend a minimum of three classes a year and usually many more. Not only do attending classes improve our technical skills, but they also build our confidence in giving you the best service possible. Education is key to being a great stylist!

May I tip my stylist?

Absolutely! The receptionist can help you do so upon checkout. Gratuity may be added to your credit card, check or cash. For your convenience Ecco Salon accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Do your stylists also see men?

Yes, we see men all the time for haircuts, beard trims, brow waxing and color!  All of our stylists perform mens’ services. Click to see which stylist’s specialize in mens’ cutting.

What if I want to try a new stylist?

Staying with the same stylist allows us to really get to know your hair and know what works best for you. We enjoy making personal connections with all of our guests but also understand that not everyone clicks with just anyone. If you haven’t made the right connection for yourself please feel free to try another one of our amazing stylists. Is this awkward for us? No! We love to see you in the salon no matter who it’s with.


How do I recreate the look my stylist created?

Your stylist will give you a professional recommendation on which Aveda home care products best suit your style and hair type. A great way to learn how to style at home is following the tips of the AVEDA team.

I love being outside. How can I protect my hair from the sun?

Aveda has a line of products dedicated to exactly that. We have a Sun Care shampoo/body cleanser that works great to get all the chlorine build up out of your hair after spending time in the pool. We also have a masque to repair your hair from any UV/chemical damage. There is also a Sun Care Protective Veil Spray that you can spray into your hair every day before going into the sun. If you are concerned with your color fading the Color Conserve™ line is designed specifically to protect against UV rays.

How often should I get my hair colored?

Again this is customizable to your needs. Whether it’s grey coverage or enhancing your natural color we can set up a schedule that works best for you.

I love bangs, but they grow out so quickly. How short should I go?

We will give you a perfect length during your service and you won’t have to worry about them growing out too soon because we do complimentary bang trims in between your haircut appointments.

How often should I have my hair cut?

This depends on your style and length of hair. Your stylist will be able to customize this with you during your consultation or service. The average time between haircuts is six weeks.


What is your Cancellation Policy?

We request a 24 hour cancellation notice prior to schedule services. When appointments are cancelled last minute, we miss the opportunity to fill that reserved time and guests on waiting list miss the opportunity as well. Our appointments are confirmed 48 hours in advance because we understand you may forget about an appointment you made or another engagement comes up.

1st Last-Minute Cancellation is on us! We understand. We all get busy.

2nd Last-Minute Cancellation will require a credit card to reserve future appointments. A 50% service charge will apply for future last-minute cancellations. Or you may reserve your appointments day-of service.

How much will my service cost?

All of our stylists are at different points in their careers, which means we have several levels that determine price points. We can assist you in finding the right stylist at the right price when scheduling your appointment. Color prices may vary based on the desired look. If you would like an exact price quote on color we offer complimentary consultations.

What does a complimentary consultation include?

It is a 15-30 minute appointment to meet with a stylist and discuss any questions or concerns regarding your future services and price points.

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