Balayage continues to reign as a top hair trend due to it’s unique highlighting technique. Your stylist will hand-paint color directly onto your hair, creating a more natural, blended, sun-kissed color. Balayage has softer, less noticeable regrowth lines than traditional highlights. This allows guests to go longer in-between color appointments.

-Make A Change-

Regardless of whether you’ve had the same look for years or only for a few weeks, you may be feeling like it’s time to make a change. Our team of talented professionals can help you find the look you’ve been dreaming of. #trysomethingnew

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Looking to try something bold? Check out Aveda Vibrants!

This is a semi-permanent color line, meaning they begin to wash out of the hair after 15 washes. Thy are available in nine different colors and are fully customizable, making them the perfect way to try out a color you’ve always wanted…or multiple colors! Aveda Vibrants is a fun color option to add streaks, highlights, or all over color to your hair.

*Consultations are recommend before booking. Vibrants applications can take longer than expected. 

-Embrace Your Style-

This year it is your time to embrace your style. Ecco Salon is here to help create your new look that will take your hair to the next level. This means getting creative about the hair story you want to tell. Our team of experts will work with you to create a look you’ll be proud of.

-Why Choose Aveda-

Because it’s simply the best…

Aveda hair colors are made of up to 96% natural ingredients, what this means is that you’ll be able to enjoy the full spectrum of colors that Aveda has to offer without worry that your scalp will get damaged. Aveda color is also, fade resistant, conditions with radiate shine and is 100% customized just for you.

Aveda has been a green company since the beginning. The color line is manufactured using 100% wind-power and 100% recycled color packaging. Even more reason to get your hair colored with Aveda.

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