You became a stylist because of the artistry, creativity, and helping people look and feel their best.

You became a stylist because of the artistry, creativity, and helping people look and feel their best.

Not because you wanted to be your own marketing agency, accountant, and scheduler.

We get it. Being a self-employed salon owner or dipping your toes into booth rental is an empowering first step — especially for someone who craves the independence and flexibility that can come with owning your own business. 

(No, we really do get it. It’s a big reason why we struck out on our own and started Ecco!)

The challenge with self-employment is that often, it’s tough to come out ahead. When we’ve talked to self-employed stylists who rent booths, they say one of the hardest parts to accommodate is the additional 25% of their time they spend doing all the little things someone else handled when they worked in a salon:

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Scheduling services
  • Purchasing supplies
  • Securing insurance
  • Covering your own benefits
  • Filing and paying your own taxes
  • The start-up costs of not only purchasing products, but scheduling tools, payment processors, driers, and sinks


That means if you want to work a 32-hour week, you’ll need to make it 40 — and we haven’t even started talking about everyone’s favorite thing: doing laundry.

Do what you love. Let us take care of the rest. 

We also know that many stylists strike out on their own because they haven’t found that right fit. 

The fit where they can put in less hours and make more money — even if they work for someone else. 

When we talk with stylists who have gone out on their own, it’s because they wanted to fulfill a personal goal or desire—to have their own little piece of something. 

They also tell us it’s much more work than they ever imagine, and they find themselves wanting both—an empowering experience, and getting to work with a great team, where they:

  • Make great money and not have to work the hours required to run a full-time business
  • Work at a salon where they’re heard and respected as true professionals
  • Have access to professional development opportunities, and
  • Get support from an incredible team of people who care about each other’s success.


That’s the environment we’ve created here at Ecco.

Take a look at what Ecco Salon can offer.

Wherever you are on your stylist journey, we understand it — because we’ve lived it. 

It’s a big part of why we’re so focused on investing in the areas that matter to you the most and having a support system in place to meet your needs and help you reach the goals you’ve set for your career. 

And, if your goals are income-related, we shine there, too. Our average income is over $55,000 — and that’s on the low end. Our top-earning stylists earn much more — and work 35 hours a week or less. And they just get to concentrate on hair.

Give us 30 minutes, and we’ll show you your next best move. 

We’d love to have the chance to show you what we’re all about. If you’re interested in doing more of what you’re meant to do and having a team of people behind you every step of the way, fill out the short form to the right and we’ll be in touch with you to schedule a short call to tell you more about ourselves, answer any questions you have, and formally invite you to tour one of our three award-winning locations in Dane County. 


Here’s to the first step of a great partnership. 

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This form is used on the booth rental page for stylists to reach out to convert from booth renting to traditional stylist position.

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